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The Supreme Court started its fall session October 6th. The judges will grapple with issues including the gun registry data, assisted suicide, and mandatory minimum sentences. It's also the first session for the newly appointed Justice Gascon. To get a better sense of the cases and issues coming before the Court, we spoke with Professor Emmett Macfarlane of the University of Waterloo.

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Last year startups in California alone raised $15 billion in funding - Canada? Less than $2 billion. In this episode we compare Canada and Silicon Valley as destinations for tech startups. How can Canada become a hub for innovation? We speak with James Smith, partner at LaBarge Weinstein LLP; Joe Frasca, general counsel at Shopify; Professor Allison Christians, Stikeman Chair in tax law at McGill's Faculty of Law; and Gareth MacLeod, CEO at Tinker.


Stephan Hashemi has asked the Supreme Court for permission to sue Iran for his mother's death. David Groves sat down with Mathieu Bouchard, Payam Akhavan, and René Provost to talk about the case, human rights, and the evolution of state immunity.

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Voltage, a US film producer and distributor, is using a controversial legal procedure to go after illegal downloading. We talk to Allen Mendelsohn, internet law expert, David Fewer, Director of CIPPIC, and Voltage's lawyer, John Philpott, about how this will impact Canadian Internet users.

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Dans cet épisode, Eloïse Gagné rencontre le professeur Charles Jarrosson, de l’Université Paris II, et Me Alexis Mourre, Vice-président de la Cour internationale d’arbitrage de la Chambre de commerce internationale, afin de discuter de l’arbitrage et ses impacts.

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Dans cet épisode, Eloïse Gagné fait un retour sur la Conférence francophone annuelle de la RDM du 24 février dernier avec l’Hon. Stéphane Dion, parlementaire et politicologue. Celui-ci nous parle du rôle et de l’influence des juristes sur la politique législative en reliant son discours à différents sujets de l’actualité.

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In this episode, we ask whether three new law schools could be the solution to Canada’s access to justice crisis. Professors Harry Arthurs of Osgoode Hall Law School and Jason Maclean of Lakehead University’s Law Faculty weigh in on the future of legal education.

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This summer, major portions of the controversial US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act come into effect. What will it mean for Canada? We met with Professor Allison Christians of McGill University to talk international tax, individual privacy, and national sovereignty.

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Dans cet épisode, Eloïse Gagné rencontre l’ancienne juge de la Cour Suprême, Marie Deschamps, et le Professeur Frédéric Bachand de l’Université de McGill, afin de discuter des réformes du Code de procédure civile du Québec et de ses impacts sur l’accessibilité à la justice.

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Despite a significant place in the legal profession, little attention has been given to the unique ethical challenges of the government lawyer. We spoke with Professor Adam Dodek (University of Ottawa) and Michael Morris (Department of Justice) on their efforts to change that.

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Supreme Court Winter 2014 Preview, featuring Eugene Meehan, QC

The Supreme Court started its winter term January 13th. To get a sense of what cases and issues are coming up, we spoke with our expert court-watcher Eugene Meehan, a litigator at Supreme Advocacy LLP and McGill grad.

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In November, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the constitutionality of reforming, or even abolishing, the Senate. We sat down with Professor Carissima Mathen of the University of Ottawa and Dean Daniel Jutras of McGill to make sense of this vital yet complex case.

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In this episode, Laura Rhodes met with Professor Jane Bailey of the University of Ottawa to discuss her work with the eGirls Project, which studies privacy, security, and equality in the increasingly online lives of young women.

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Dans cet épisode, Eloïse Gagné parle avec Maître Bernard Synnott, Vice-Président du Barreau du Québec, et Professeur Paul Daly, de l’Université de Montréal, sur l’affaire complexe de la nomination du juge Marc Nadon à la Cour suprême.

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In this episode, Alyssa Clutterbuck sat down with Professor Mohsen al Attar of Queen’s University Belfast to discuss his provocative article in the latest issue of the MLJ, “Reframing the “Universality” of International Law in a Globalizing World”.

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