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Transsystemia is the term that is controversially used to describe the academic program at McGill’s Faculty of Law. This pedagogical approach is often praised by its practitioners, welcomed but doubted by onlookers in other law faculties, and challenging, to say the least, for its students. Is Transsystemia the be-all-end-all in legal education? And what have been some of the challenges and successes in applying this approach at McGill and elsewhere?

In part I of this two-part episode, we speak with former McGill Law student and current Professor of private law, Rosalie Jukier, and McGill Law Chair of the 1995-1996 Committee on Curricular Reform, Professor Shauna Van Praagh, to hear their thoughts on these questions and more.

The words, interviews, and production of this two-part podcast are by Emma Noradounkian, Podcast Editor for volume 63 of the McGill Law Journal.

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