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In Tsilhqot’in Nation v British Columbia, the Supreme Court of Canada issued a declaration of Aboriginal title for the first time in its history. To better understand the evolution of Aboriginal title, from Calder to Tsilhqot’in and beyond, we interview David Rosenberg, whose extensive experience includes acting as lead counsel for the Tsilqot’in Nation at trial and on its successful appeal to the Supreme Court.

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Today’s episode features a very special guest: Senator Murray Sinclair. His groundbreaking career has had a significant impact on the Canadian legal landscape, from his appointment as the first Indigenous judge in Manitoba and only the second in Canada to his service as Co-Chair of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry in Manitoba and as Chief Commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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Tsilhqot’in Nation constitutes the very first time Aboriginal title has been upheld in Canada. The Supreme Court’s decision has been hailed as the path toward reconciliation between First Nations and Canada, while at the same time it has been vilified for shifting power toward indigenous peoples in matters of economic development. This episode explores the potential impact of the decision on three distinct groups of actors: first peoples, government and commercial actors.

We interview Professor Kirsten Anker of the McGill Faculty of Law, Aaron Mills, a Trudeau and Vanier Canada Scholar at the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Law, and Me Caroline Briand, practicing Aboriginal law with Cain Lamarre Casgrain Wells.

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