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Dans cet épisode, nous discuterons du rôle de la responsabilité civile dans la prévention des dommages environnementaux. Afin de nous éclairer sur ce sujet, nous avons invité Maître Michel Bélanger, avocat spécialisé en recours collectifs et en droit de l'environnement.

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As the effects of climate change continue to be felt across the globe, litigants have attempted to hold governments accountable through constitutional challenges. To explore this emerging area, we speak with Dennis van Berkel, legal counsel to the Urgenda Foundation in its historic case against the Dutch government, as well as Dayna Nadine Scott, associate professor at York University and York Research Chair in Environmental Law & Justice in the Green Economy.

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We sat down with Dr. Hugo Tremblay of Montréal’s Centre for International Sustainable Development Law to discuss his fascinating article in the latest issue of the MLJ, “Eco-Terrorists facing Armageddon: The Defence of Necessity and Legal Normativity in the Context of Environmental Crisis”.

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