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Although the reasonable person standard continues to be a useful tool in many areas of the law, it can also reinforce stereotypes of power and privilege. In this episode, we speak with Professor Mayo Moran about what a critical lens reveals about the shortcomings and limitations of the reasonable person standard.

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Le projet de loi n° 96, la loi sur la langue officielle et commune du Québec, le français, a été présenté par le gouvernement de la Coalition Avenir Québec en 2021. Il propose plusieurs mesures pour renforcer et promouvoir la langue française au Québec. Bien que l’Assemblée Nationale du Québec a voté unanimement pour que le projet de loi 96 passe à la phase de consultation, certains ont remis en cause sa nécessité et sa constitutionnalité. Dans cet épisode, nous discuterons avec le professeur Guillaume Rousseau et Me Julius Grey sur les origines et les objectifs principaux du projet de loi 96 ainsi que les critiques les plus courantes formulées à son encontre.

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Three years following the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, the role of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples in regulating cannabis has yet to be adequately addressed, creating a state of legal uncertainty over questions about jurisdiction and control. Despite this uncertainty, some Indigenous nations have nonetheless begun to assert their inherent rights to self-government and regulate cannabis according to their own customs and laws. In this episode, we explore both the challenges the Cannabis Act has posed for Indigenous governments and cannabis entrepreneurs, as well as the flourishing “red market” of cannabis businesses that operate and are licensed under Indigenous laws and frameworks.

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Traditionally used to protect trade secrets and proprietary information, non-disclosure agreements are now regularly found in employment contracts and settlement agreements of all kinds. But these agreements can also operate as oppressive contracts of silence – particularly when invoked to prevent victims of discrimination, harassment, or abuse from speaking out about their experiences. In this episode, we talk to Dr. Julie Macfarlane about the questionable legality of non-disclosure agreements, and how legislative reform could restrict their ability to perpetuate harm.

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The Supreme Court will start its fall session on October 5th. The judges will tackle a wide range of issues including Indian status and the independence of administrative agencies. It's also the first session for the newly appointed Justice Brown. To get an overview of the cases and issues coming before the Court, we spoke with Mr. Eugene Meehan, QC, a litigator at Supreme Advocacy LLP.

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The Supreme Court started its fall session October 6th. The judges will grapple with issues including the gun registry data, assisted suicide, and mandatory minimum sentences. It's also the first session for the newly appointed Justice Gascon. To get a better sense of the cases and issues coming before the Court, we spoke with Professor Emmett Macfarlane of the University of Waterloo.

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Supreme Court Winter 2014 Preview, featuring Eugene Meehan, QC

The Supreme Court started its winter term January 13th. To get a sense of what cases and issues are coming up, we spoke with our expert court-watcher Eugene Meehan, a litigator at Supreme Advocacy LLP and McGill grad.

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The Supreme Court is back in session October 7th, and this fall is going to be a big one. We sat down with SCC expert Eugene Meehan, QC, of Supreme Advocacy LLP, to discuss some upcoming cases and their legal significance.

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