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Third-party litigation funding (TPLF) has become a steadily growing practice in recent years, as more and more parties are bringing lawsuits to court with the financial help of large hedge funds or specialized commercial companies. In this episode, we explore this new judicial practice further by speaking with Professor Jasminka Kalajdzic, director of the Class Action Clinic at Windsor Law School, and Me Neil A. Peden, litigator at Woods LLP, about his upcoming case 9354-9186 Québec inc. v. Callidus Capital Corp. This is the first case dealing with TPLF to be litigated at the Supreme Court of Canada. Since the recording of this episode, Me Peden has won his case, shedding further light on this emerging practice. Ce podcast est bilingue et a été réalisé par Nathaniel Reilly et Victor Vauclair, membres juniors de la RDM. Produit par Talia Huculak, Rédactrice des podcasts de la RDM. 

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